Top Realtor in South-Eastern Pennsylvania Since 1993!

Located 50 miles northwest of Philadelphia, you will find a unique Realtor® named Jeffrey Hogue. He and his team of seasoned agents focus primarily on Reading, PA, Berks County, Montgomery County, Chester County, Lancaster County, and the surrounding areas. Over the years Jeffrey has developed a set of skills that has helped both his clients and business excel far and beyond the industry standard. These skills include advanced knowledge of technology and how it relates to home marketing in the present era, architectural home photography skills that have to be seen to be appreciated, business and sales management, negotiation strategy assessment, and a unique understanding of real estate transaction dynamics. These and other skills indeed set him apart from other real estate professionals.

Jeffrey worked with the Penske Racing Team during the early 1990s. In 1991, Rick Mears and Team Penske won the Indianapolis 500, marking the climax of Jeffrey’s experience in the sport. In 1993 He left racing, started his real estate career, and married the love of his life, Tina who now practices real estate alongside him.

Over two decades later, Jeffrey’s passion for real estate and his family has endured. Having reached the highest levels of success as an individual agent, he set out to build his own real estate business, Weichert Realtors® Neighborhood One, which opened in June of 2013. Two years later he sold that business to his assistant, broker, and friend, Angela Tolosky to pursue his next challenge. Jeffrey stated “Everything that I have learned in real estate comes from a desire and burning passion for seeking information and knowledge and applying it in a way that is helpful to others. Now I want to teach a team of exclusive agents so together we can positively touch more lives.”

One of the primary things Jeffrey shares with his agents is that real estate is all about serving clients to the best of your ability. “ In a real estate transaction, if it's money you are after you will not last in this business. Jeffrey says, “ You get too involved in people’s lives, issues, and circumstances for this to be about money. You must love everyone you are dealing with to do this. If the dollars are first, you have missed the point and will likely fail.”

Jeffrey’s knowledge of real estate is exemplary and covers vast subjects within the industry. He submits real estate articles to the Reading Eagle, his local newspaper, and makes appearances on a local radio show, WEEU 830. Jeffrey Hogue states that “ writing articles and speaking to the public about real estate is yet another way to keep a sharp mind, add more credibility to the real estate industry, and share his knowledge with all who are eager to listen.”

Another aspect that separates Jeffrey's skills from others is his ability to stay on the cutting edge of technology and how it relates to the real estate industry. Jeffrey Hogue subscribes to trends and technology reports that provide cutting-edge information from the greatest innovators and top people in real estate. Jeffrey also goes a step further by teaching himself how to develop websites and does some consulting work for real estate technology firms.

Jeffrey is also a professional photographer. Real estate magazines around the world have featured some of his work. "I take architectural photography seriously." He owns a bucket truck that has a 40-foot boom extension to get the best photographs possible. The bucket truck has been featured on Photography for Real,, and other publications. “I call myself the Director of First Impressions.” The home photo is often what a prospective buyer sees first. Catching the attention of the masses is done with great photography.” Jeffrey has taken the time to become an expert at architectural photography, and that is one talent his clients genuinely appreciate. Check out his home photo gallery for a look at the excellent photographic work.

It’s helping people that motivate Jeffrey and his team. “ I love the thrill of working together with people to achieve what is often a dream for them. Home is that important.”

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"Knowledge is Power”