Why a Buyer’s Agent Shouldn't Sell Their Customer a Home

Why a Buyer’s Agent Shouldn't Sell Their Customer a Home
Posted By Jeffrey Hogue @ Jan 11th 2018 3:10am In: Real Estate

No one likes to be sold. What most people want is useful information so they can make an informed decision about a product or service they desire. I believe that adequate client representation is not about selling but informing. It is for this reason; I tell every buyer's agent on my team to stop selling and start telling.
So you’re a buyer looking to purchase a home. There are thousands of websites with home search tools for you to utilize. Some have more reliable information than others. Finally, a house catches your eye, and you want to know more about it, maybe even schedule a preview. Who should you contact to get that information or show you the home? Here are some things to consider before making that call.


Who Are You Contacting Anyway
Some real estate websites make it easy for you to contact the Listing Agent of the property you are considering. Sometimes you are given a choice to contact one of several Buyer's Agents. There are times when a website is somewhat elusive in letting you know who is the listing agent and who is a buyer's agent. For example, Zillow has a vested interest in being elusive when it comes to contacting an agent. Much of their income comes from selling advertising to buyer's agents. If it were up to them, the listing agent would not be displayed at all, but Zillow is forced to show the listing agent for free as part of their deal with the real estate industry stalwarts. In many cases, home shoppers believe they are contacting the listing agent when in fact they are contacting a buyer's agent. As you will see, contacting a buyer's agent to represent your interest may not be a bad thing.


If you are merely curious and looking for general information on a home, contacting the Listing Agent may be a quick solution. If you want to see the house, you may consider using a Buyer's Agent to represent your interest right from the get-go.


Responsibility of a Buyer's Agent ~ In My Opinion
It is my practice NOT to SELL a property to a Buyer who has contracted my team or me to represent them in the search and subsequent acquisition of a Property. I believe that if I have to induce someone to purchase a property with the use of sales tactics and techniques, it is likely they may not want the home on their merit. This form of sales inducement may not benefit the client, but instead, the agent thus putting the agent's interest ahead of the client. My philosophy is simple, put the interest of the customer ahead of my own.


Once a buyer finds a home that is right for them no selling is needed. What's needed is competent guidance and information which will lead to them being the next owner.


There are times when the information or circumstances relating to the property are not the best. I am sure to share this with the buyer even though I know they may change their mind about buying it. If after sharing the good, bad, and sometimes ugly information about the home they are still interested then we move to handling the adverse issues. This strategy does not involve selling but issue solving.


Importance of a Good Buyer's Agent
To be clear; A Sellers Agent is contracted by the Property Owner to sell the Property. The seller's agent's job is to sell you the home. Your buyer's agent should not be selling you the house but instead representing your interest in purchasing it. Read this article for more on the subject of buyer and seller representation: Home Buyers, Know Your Rights and Wrongs


Buying a home has become increasingly complicated. It is therefore imperative to have an agent who is well rounded and understands the rules, regulations, and practices associated with purchasing an existing house, building a home or acquiring a piece of land. An excellent Buyer's Agent can point you in the right direction for services such as mortgage lenders, home inspectors, contractors, conveyancing, etc. The agent can put you in position to get the home you want.


The message here is simple. Buying a home is a big deal. Where you live shapes much of your life, influences the people you meet, friends your children grow up with, the way you drive to work and so much more. The home purchase process is a time when you need someone who is not going to sell you anything. It's a time when you need someone who will apply reason, experience, and knowledge when it is required, even if it means NO SALE on a particular property.


Hire a professional that can indeed assist you with this profound undertaking. Maybe hire one that has been in the Berks County and Reading, PA real estate industry since 1993 has lived in Berks County for (almost) 55 years and has assisted hundreds of buyers to acquire the home of their dreams. Sorry, just could not help the selfless plug:)


Knowledge is Power!

Jeffrey C. Hogue

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