What's Your Home Saying to Prospective Buyers?

What's Your Home Saying to Prospective Buyers?
Posted By Jeffrey Hogue @ Sep 6th 2018 8:25am In: Real Estate

When a home buyer enters a property they have never been to before their physical senses are hard at work. They walk more slowly, look harder, and have a heightened sense of smell. Everything needs to feel just right, and yes, they are listening to every sound the home makes. This article's focus is on how to enhance the sounds that encompass a house, in other words, what's your home is saying to prospective buyers.

There are some things a homeowner can change about their home and some they cannot. Examples would be someone who lives close to a highway, airport, or railway. There is little chance the road and airport will close while you are trying to sell your home so the sounds that emanate from them may affect your ability to sell it. There are, of course, some ways to reasonably manage the soundstage that envelops your property or at least not make things worse.


"Sound" Home Marketing Ideas
Does the front door creak? Find the oil can and use it on all door hinges in and outside the home. Is there a screen door that makes a racket or shuts loudly? Fix it, replace it or remove it! Do not have the lawn cutting service show up during a home showing.


Are there animals making noises? Try to remove them before the showing. Story Time; I once listed a home where the owner had a large cockatoo as a companion. It did not take kindly to strangers and was not afraid to let them know it. Feedback from showing agents was not kind. The agents labeled the house "The Bird House." It is good to make a home memorable and unique, but I am pretty sure this was not the "unique" many prospective buyers were looking for.


Are their dripping faucets or toilets that will not stop running? Fixing these drips and leaks is a must. Often you can hear a running toilet throughout most of the home. If you have hot water radiators, make sure there is no air in the system. If there is air in them, they will make quite a racket. Often buyers will turn lights on in the baths and in many cases they hit the vent fan switch. Replace or repair noisy vent fans in the bathrooms. Creaky floors can be an indication of faulty construction or structural issues. Most times this is not the case, but a buyer may not stay to hear the explanation. Contact a flooring contractor to quiet them. There is a kit known as "Squeak No More" for use on squeaky carpeted floors.


The typical interior staircase produces more squeaks and squawks than a flock of angry geese. One reason is that Staircases are assembled from dozens of wood parts. Over time, these parts expand, and contract and the joints between them loosen up. As a result, every step you take emits an irritating creak or groan. If this is the case at your home have a qualified contractor take a look.


Turn off the ringer and answering machine of your phone during a showing. No one wants to hear a phone ring 7 or 8 times to be followed with a message while they are previewing a home.


The Sounds of the Outside World
Homeowners who have lived in their homes for many years tend to shut out sounds others less familiar will hear. When preparing for showings, keep the sounds of the neighborhood in mind. Things like barking dogs, loud activities, traffic, and the like should be considered. If you live in a well-populated area, consider shutting the windows. Other remedies include upgrading wall & attic insulation which will help quiet the home as well as caulking around doors & windows. If you have single pane windows, it may be worth replacing them with dual pane windows for added soundproofing and efficiency.


Some home buyers value privacy and quietness above all. Those home buyers are often hard pressed to purchase a home in an area where noise is prevalent. Making your home less susceptible to the sounds of the outside world may be the answer. Ultimately the house must uniquely speak to the buyers. Make sure your home is not saying things that will bring the home’s value into question. Sometimes, it is not what you say that matters; it is what buyers hear.


Knowledge is Power!

Jeffrey C. Hogue

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