The Value of Great Home Photos

The Value of Great Home Photos
Posted By Jeffrey Hogue @ Aug 2nd 2018 8:25am In: Real Estate

What we see influences our purchase and life decisions. In the case of online marketing, it is essential to present any product accurately and favorably. Great Home Photos are a way of getting the point across as long as they are a good representation of what you are selling.

Fifteen years ago when a friend told you he or she was dating online, you may have thought they were desperate or worse. Today many take the plunge into online dating without a second thought as it is considered a mainstream way of meeting that special someone.


I have never personally dated online. I found my "Special Person" before it was the in-thing. Curiously, I have asked my single friends about their experiences in the online dating world. They tell me that their online dating success or failure has volumes to do with their biography, or profile, and the accompanying personal photograph.

The vast majority of people using a dating website service submit a photograph of themselves that is flattering. It would be unlikely that they would snap off a picture using their iPhone just after waking and post it as their feature, first impression photo. Unfortunately, it seems that some unwitting real estate agents still post pictures of their customer’s home on the web or Multi-List Service that are less than flattering or accurately represent the house they are selling.


Home marketing seems to relate to the online dating trend closely. Taking professional photos of the homes I market entices prospects to take the next step. They reach out to preview the house (a date). If the home lives up to the online presentation, there could be an agreement (engagement). If all goes well, there will be a settlement (marriage). It all starts from behind the computer screen. I am merely a matchmaker.


Unflattering or inaccurate home photography naturally results in fewer home showings just as unflattering people photos would result in fewer dates. Photographs of an open toilet, clothes washer, overexposed window, underlit room or crooked house will not help a home get a “date.” There are times when a home is photographed to look better or bigger than it is. This misrepresentation often leads to letting down the prospective buyer. It is hard for me to believe this is what some home sellers signed up for when they list their property. Home sellers are often asked to make dramatic changes to their property through staging techniques. What good is it if no one can indeed see their efforts and hard work because of faulty or over edited photographs?


I have been practicing photography since I was 13. That was 42 years ago for those of you wondering how old I am. As a photographic specialist, I blend my artistic ability with technical skill. Architectural photography is one of the most challenging forms of the art. The dark rooms of today do not involve chemicals and red lights. They require advanced technical skills using programs such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and Illustrator. The cameras and lenses I use to photograph my customers’ homes are professional grade and used primarily for architectural (real estate) purposes. I am also skilled in High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography and interior strobe photography techniques. These are the two most common styles of shooting used by home photographers today. When I go to customers homes to take photos, I bring a whole studio of equipment not a point and shoot camera. I even own a bucket truck (cherry picker), so I can get the best exterior shots of the homes, no drones here!


If you are thinking of listing your home, give me a call and I will show you what I can do. While many agents use photographic services, I still take my own photos. Photography is a passion for me and also helps me get more acquainted with my client's home. If you are buying a home, there are plenty of eligible home matches in the photo galleries that need a date. Be aware; they are all looking to get married.


Knowledge is Power!

Jeffrey C. Hogue

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