Selling Your Home ~ Let Your Inner Philanthropist Shine

Selling Your Home ~ Let Your Inner Philanthropist Shine
Posted By Jeffrey Hogue @ Jul 6th 2021 7:32pm In: Real Estate

Selling your home and wondering what you are going to do with the stuff you have accumulated over the years? Giving it away to a good cause might be the answer. As the saying goes, it is often better to give than to receive.

Many of my home selling customers often tell me they have no idea how they accumulated so many things over the years. The horde of items in their homes becomes even more evident to them during the moving process. In some cases, the evidence shows up even before the home gets listed for sale.


Website shopping has created an ease of purchasing not rivaled by any other era. Websites like and the like allow us to buy almost anything we want. At moments notice these purchases can be at our doorstep in a little as two days. Many of the "on a whim" purchase items end up somewhere and what better place but the basement or attic.


Of course, some belongings are cherished and valuable and will make the trip to the next home, but this is not an article about those things. In many cases, these accumulated items may be hard to sell or would not exact much value. In this case, I am often asked if I know a place that will just take the stuff. The answer is yes.


Here are several ideas to consider if you just want to donate some of your stuff; Habitat for Humanity, Hope Outlet, Red Cross, Good Will Donation Center, Salvation Army, Opportunity House Opp Shop, and, of course, the many local churches. You may even consider donating pet items to the Animal Rescue League. I will be adding a detailed list of charities that will take furniture, appliances, and the like on my website at I would ask any charities, churches, or organizations to contact me and I will add you to this list. Please know these charities are not going to take junk but only viable items.


We here in Reading, PA and Berks County sometimes have our differences and opinions that we cling to fervently. But when it comes to helping one another and doing the right thing there is no other community I would rather be part of.


Think of it, you are moving to a new life, and at the same time you can share some of that happiness to those less fortunate and all are helped in the process. You can declutter your house and maybe get a tax deduction for the goods you donated. It is a great time to let your inner philanthropist shine!


Knowledge is Power!

Jeffrey C. Hogue

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