Real Estate, Like Most Things, Demand Change

Real Estate, Like Most Things, Demand Change
Posted By Jeffrey Hogue @ Jul 15th 2021 9:15pm In: Real Estate

Change can be described as letting go of the old and encouraging something new. It is also said that without Change, life would cease to exist. I believe both phrases amicably describe the recent changes I have experienced in my real estate career.

Some things in life are inevitable. I don't need to tell you what they are, but Change is undoubtedly up there on the list. Take the real estate business, for example. I spend a large portion of my real estate career, predicting Change. I commonly receive questions like, "How's the market today" to which I enthusiastically respond, "Better than yesterday, but not as good as tomorrow."

There are times we need or desire Change and set out to make it so. I guess that is the "Letting go of the old" part. Then there's Change that gets thrust upon us unexpectedly. After seven weeks in COVID-19 captivity, I am sure we are all too familiar with that style of Change. You see, we only seem to like Change when we know what it will look like before it arrives. Even unexpected good Changes, while more desirable, can be overwhelming when they are a surprise.


Recent Changes to My Real Estate Career
Since 1993 I have represented numerous home buyers and sellers in Reading-Berks and the surrounding area. Each one very special to me. Together we navigated the challenges borne from inevitable Change.


In 2013 I decided Change looked like opening Weichert Realtors Neighborhood One in Spring Township. I was fortunate enough to hire a Broker named Angela Tolosky, who presently serves a president of the Reading-Berks Association of Realtors. By 2015 I had decided that owning a real estate company was not in my or my clients' best interest, and that's when Angela stepped in. I have remained at Weichert these past five-years, mainly due to the great job Angela has done since that time as the Broker/Owner.

I have always been passionate about learning everything associated with real estate (which is a lot). If you read my articles, listen to me on WEEU, or been in a meeting with me, you might have already guessed that. It is because of this constant pursuit to be a better agent and serve my clients to the highest standard that I, my wife, Tina, and our team of agents have decided to join Keller Williams Realty Group in Royersford, PA. We will be known as the "Jeffrey Hogue Realtor Group."


We may be changing to an office located in Montgomery County, but we are still serving the Reading, PA, and Berks County area. After all, Royersford is only 40 minutes away! We will be meeting with customers here in Berks.


After much research, I have discovered many intriguing things about the Keller Williams organization. Adding to the Keller Williams mystique is a group of over 200 Brokers, Agents, and Managers at the Royersford office, making them a significant player in the region.


The goal is to expand our understanding of real estate on a grander scale and put the knowledge of some of our largest Pennsylvania business centers to work for our clients here at home. Blending this more expansive knowledge center to our understanding of the local real estate market will allow us to serve our clients at an even higher level. This Change marks the next evolution in my 27-year real estate career.


There have been times over the past several years that I wonder; Is today better than yesterday, and will tomorrow be better than today? By encouraging something new, I believe the answer to that question for me, my family, and my clients is a resounding “YES!”


Knowledge is Power!

Jeffrey C. Hogue

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