Real Cost of Berks County Home Ownership ~ Pt 2

Real Cost of Berks County Home Ownership ~ Pt 2
Posted By Jeffrey Hogue @ Feb 15th 2013 10:35am In: Real Estate

Pricing A Berks County Home Part #2

My Third Berks County home value consideration is intrinsic value. This is what I think buyers will think of the home, or something like that.

It would be weird if things were different. The internet has educated many home sellers as to the true value of their home. This does not mean that it is not fun to play a lottery ticket now and then. After all somebody, somewhere always wins….I think? My goal here is to bring reason to the forefront, while not losing my sense (or a prospective buyer's) of what looks, I mean sells well. Items like granite kitchen counter tops, stainless, built-in appliances, tile & hardwood flooring, great decor & comfortable lighting all have value. The trick is to put all the components together in a way that complement each other. Once that is accomplished then there is maintenance and cleanliness. For our example the subject home is well appointed and decorated. The sellers are rarely home, and allow showings at a moment’s notice. Oh and yes; the sun always shines on the home during showings. Even at night:) While this condition may not get the seller more money, the home may sell in a week. And remember; “Time is money;” right?

My Fourth Berks County home value consideration is the Digital Footprint. How easy is it to find the home? No, this does not mean you should find a map.
This is the one many people never think of. How easy will it be for your home to be found on a Berks County real estate internet search? Popular search criteria include bedrooms, baths, square footage, price, acreage, garage spaces, age, etc… Computers and search engines have no soul. They cannot reason. If you search for homes on web sites like,,, or even my Berks County Home Search, and enter a value of $300,000 to $350,000, your search will not produce homes that are listed at $299,999. Get it? You could be missing the best deal going because of $1. Some homes search well. Let me share a personal situation I had with a home in the Exeter area. The home was $439,900; 3,500 square feet (between 3,000 and 4,000 is common when searching for homes in the $400,000 to $500,000 price range). The home had 1 + acre of land (1 to 5 is common); 4 Bedrooms & 3 ½ Baths (very popular in the price range). Here is a biggie…4 Car Garage, (This is an absolute extra in home searches). The finished basement, fenced yard & in-ground pool did not hurt either. This home sold well, and both buyer and seller were pleased with the outcome. My job here is to make sure the home has every chance to be seen by prospective buyers. This means spending the lion’s share of my marketing budget getting that done. Publication advertising helps get people to this web site but rarely sells a home. Publication advertising is a better home listing tool. The real buying action is on the web. IMHO!

Ok; what should we start the home at? How about $359,900? No wait….The seller has found a great home deal and wants to sell quicker. They do NOT want two mortgages and losing the new home is NOT an option. Now what….

Rest assured I always have a plan!

Jeffrey C. Hogue

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