It's Time for Real Estate 1.9

It's Time for Real Estate 1.9
Posted By Jeffrey Hogue @ Jun 21st 2021 1:56pm In: Real Estate

The term "Change is Inevitable" is a common theme among many of the worlds foremost thinkers. Physicist William Pollard said "Without change, there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. My offering of change is in the form of a home listing program I call Real Estate 1.9.

Many times the desire for change is borne from adverse circumstances which ignite our passion for overcoming obstacles and doing better. It is the ideas of change brought on by trial that make us stronger.


Okay, I think you get the point. Change is inevitable and healthy even when we go into it kicking and screaming, but is it always healthy?


Change for the Sake of Manipulation
One of the constants in the real estate business for what seems like 100+ years is the commission fee structure. The real estate industry is hard pressed to consider many if any, actual changes to their core compensation model. I still hear the term "Discount Commission" tossed around for any listing fee below 6%. How can there be such a thing as a "Discount Commission" if all commissions are negotiable which is stated right in the Listing Contract? Maybe they mean "Discount Service?"


To mask over the coveted commission structure some real estate companies employ change which is little more than sleight of hand. Often these changes are more of the same services and fees wrapped in a different color bag — lower sales commission but more substantial transaction fees, fewer fees but fewer services, the dreaded "Hidden Costs," etc. In the end, these changes lead to more of the same.


Enter the Program ~ Real Estate 1.9
How the program works; Your home listing commission is 1.9%. An additional rate of 2.5% is suggested to place the home in the Multi-List service to pay the buyer agent commission. The total commission charged if a buyer purchases your home using a buyer agent is 4.4% (1.9% + 2.5% = 4.4%). If the buyer of your home does not use a buyer agent and does not want agent representation, your total commission is 1.9%. No transaction fees!


Real Estate 1.9 is NOT a discount service program, it is a FULL-SERVICE home listing program. For more details call me direct at 484-325-0111, and I will explain the program in greater detail.


I have been practicing real estate since 1993 and understand how to manage home selling services utilizing the marketing strength of the internet. I am asking for your business and in return offer you greater overall value by lowering your home selling costs without reducing service. If you are planning to sell your home or know someone who is I invite you to embrace positive change and call me to see how Real Estate 1.9 can work for you.


Knowledge is Power!

Jeffrey C. Hogue
UPDATE: As of February 2020, I am no longer offering the Real Estate 1.9 Program. I am replacing this program with a new plan that I will be posting on the website soon! Yes, more change!

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