Don’t Get Caught in the Home Inspection Trap

Wed, Oct 1st 2014 7:25 am by Jeffrey Hogue Real Estate

Most homebuyers consider hiring a home inspection company to review the condition of the property they are about to purchase. The home inspection can include the following: Home/Property Inspections and Environmental Hazards (mold, etc.), Radon, Wood Infestation, Water Service, On-Site Sewage, and almost anything else one can think of.

The inspections are chosen, and often paid for by the buyer and presented to the home seller as a contingency of the home purchase. When the buyer has the chosen inspections completed by a certified home inspector the agreement offers them the following options:


1. Accept the Property with the information stated in the Report(s) and agree to the RELEA...

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I Don’t Really Need to Sell My Home

Sun, Mar 23rd 2014 8:25 am by Jeffrey Hogue Real Estate

There are certain things a home seller says that can cut their real estate agent to the core. “I don’t really need to sell my home” may be tops on the list. It even trumps “I don’t need a REALTOR® to sell my home”. To understand my logic let’s look more closely at the two statements.

Let’s start with a homeowner who is thinking about, or going to, sell their home. They may either contact a real estate agent or be contacted by one. In either case a meeting between the parties seems imminent. On average that appointment may last between one and two hours.


After careful evaluation the home owner may choose to do nothing, interview other REALTORS®, choose the agent they are speaking to...

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What You Should Know About ACTIVE-O

Thu, Aug 8th 2013 10:30 am by Jeffrey Hogue Real Estate

The question is very valid. The answer evolves before an Agreement of Sale or even a showing takes place. What is active-o? Paragraph 13 of the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors Listing Contract states the following “ONCE SELLER ENTERS INTO AN AGREEMENT OF SALE, BROKER IS NOT REQUIRED TO PRESENT OTHER OFFERS.”

This is something that every Berks County home seller should be aware of when signing a Listing Contract. It is a point that is often overlooked but should be discussed more thoroughly with the Broker/Agent.

There is a Property status known as Active-O, (O=Other). This status can be applied when after receipt and acceptance of an Agreement of Sale:

1.Seller has instructed the...

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When Does an Agreement of Sale Mean Your Berks County Home is SOLD?

Thu, Jun 27th 2013 4:10 am by Jeffrey Hogue Real Estate

Let’s start with the Purchase Agreement for a home. Agreements for the purchase of real estate in Berks County, PA are aptly named because they are endorsed by both the home seller and buyer who agree on price, terms, and conditions.


Price is easy to understand but real estate agents in Berks County know the devil is in the details. Things like the settlement date, escrow deposits, financing contingencies, and home inspection contingencies play a huge role.


So here is a different answer to the question posed…”When all the terms and Conditions of the Agreement Have Been met”.


So when does this take place? It depends on the terms and conditions. Home inspection contingencies all...

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Real Cost of Berks County Home Ownership ~ Pt 2

Fri, Feb 15th 2013 10:35 am by Jeffrey Hogue Real Estate

Pricing A Berks County Home Part #2

My Third Berks County home value consideration is intrinsic value. This is what I think buyers will think of the home, or something like that.

It would be weird if things were different. The internet has educated many home sellers as to the true value of their home. This does not mean that it is not fun to play a lottery ticket now and then. After all somebody, somewhere always wins….I think? My goal here is to bring reason to the forefront, while not losing my sense (or a prospective buyer's) of what looks, I mean sells well. Items like granite kitchen counter tops, stainless, built-in appliances, tile & hardwood flooring, great decor & comfortable l...

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Jeffrey C Hogue

Tue, Feb 28th 2012 5:25 pm by Jeffrey Hogue Real Estate

Welcome to the New

In an effort to stay on the cutting edge of technology and home marketing I decided to make some changes. This new and improved website is the result. Not only can you view all my listings, every home for sale in Berks County and keep up to date with important real estate news that affects Berks but now you can add your thoughts via the many blogs. You can comment on every home and get the latest updates on every listing. Stay tuned. The fun has just begun!

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