How Did All This Stuff Get in My Home?

How Did All This Stuff Get in My Home?
Posted By Jeffrey Hogue @ Jul 6th 2021 7:14pm In: Real Estate

When selling a home, it is customary to take stock of what it has and value it accordingly. There are times when what is not in the home has merit as well.

Many times during my real estate career which started in 1993 I have counseled owners through the process of selling their home. My goal is to impart wisdom and experience so to make their journey successful, satisfying, and tolerable. No matter how much information I share with them, it does little to lessen the burden of the physical part of moving.


As the time of settlement approaches, I often hear the phrase “I can’t believe how much stuff is in this home.” Yes, we Berks Countians know how to collect stuff and put in the far recesses of our home only to be discovered when we decide to move.


The surprising part is that someone decided to purchase the home with all that stuff in it in the first place. Which begs the question, could I have gotten more money if I would have removed the surplus stuff before I put the home on the market?


When estimating a home’s value, agents, and buyers consider what it has in the form of amenities, both practical and dramatic. After amenities comes decor and staging. Get these things right, and it creates keen intrinsic interest in the property making it more desirable to prospective home buyers.


Things to Consider Doing With Stuff

Cleaning our basements, garages, attics, and closets before listing the home is always a good idea. Removing furniture and knick-knacks can open up natural walkways in a house. Remember, the people looking at it likely have never been there before. They could be there with several friends, family members, and at least one real estate agent. It can be like a small party. If you have a foyer filled with stuff, furniture creating tight paths and inadvertently diverting traffic the home may feel uncomfortable or awkward.


Often I am asked, "if a home shows as well empty than it would with stuff in it." My answer depends on what the stuff looks like that is inhabiting the home.


Face it, if you’re selling a home, the stuff has to go one way or another. You might as well consider getting a Pod, Storage unit, or a local moving company that will store your stuff. You could also get rid of it, but that might be an un-Berkscountian thing to do. You never know when you will need it.


Knowledge is Power!

Jeffrey C. Hogue

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