Holiday Home Selling Guide

Holiday Home Selling Guide
Posted By Jeffrey Hogue @ Nov 19th 2019 9:30am In: Real Estate

If you are looking to sell your home over the holidays, there are some things you may want to consider. I hope you find my holiday home selling guide a helpful resource.

The internet has changed the way many people shop. Nowhere is this more evident than around the holiday season. Gift shopping that used to take days, weeks, and even months can now get done in a couple of hours with a few strokes of the keyboard.


So what do people do with all that extra time? They go on with their daily lives. If they have been pursuing a new home throughout the year and have yet to find one, they will likely keep looking through the holidays, hoping to find that prized property.


Things to Consider When Selling

The sun goes down pretty early during the holidays. The shortest sunlight day of the year is around December 22nd. This early dusk makes it even more imperative to have every light in the home lit during showings. Make sure to include exterior lights for look and safety. I am thankful that in my 24 years of practicing real estate, there have been no thefts during home showings. That said, it may be in your interest not to have gifts lying out in the open. If you have expensive decorations or ornaments, it may be prudent to take them down for showings.


Inclement weather is more prevalent during the holiday months. Watch the weather report and make sure to protect your floors. It is best to use decorative carpet runners and mats when available. If you have a fireplace, it may be best to crank it up. It can add warmth and light. I only suggest using the fireplace if you are back at home shortly after the showing to monitor it or turn it off for safety. Do not expect the real estate agent to touch your things, including turning off lights, shutting down fireplaces, etc. Many agents do not want to and really should not rummage through a house they are not familiar with to find all the light switches.


The holidays are a cheerful feel-good time. Nothing makes a home more cheerful than seasonal decorations. Decorate the house as you would any other holiday season. Doing so will seem normal to buyers, and they will not surmise there may be an adverse issue like a family situation. Share this good holiday feeling with prospective buyers.


Turn down showings if it is not convenient. Many home sellers feel they need to take every showing opportunity even if it wreaks havoc on their life and schedule. Most home buyers and agents understand there is a chance that showing schedules may get adjusted over the holidays. Make the process work for you.


Tis the Season for Home Selling

The internet has indeed blurred the line between real estate selling seasons as people have become more avid online shoppers. It is as easy to shop for a home on the internet as it is to shop for gifts. I always say it does not snow, and the cold wind doesn't blow in your computer den (unless there is a sizable hole in your roof).


I find that both the sellers and buyers are very motivated participants when selling a home over the holidays. Believe it or not, one of the busiest times of the year is just after Christmas through the new year. Many people have off from work and are eager to make the next year the time they find their dream home. After all, they may need a new home to house the bounty of gifts bestowed on them over the holidays.


Don't take the holiday effect for granted when selling your home. You would be surprised how many homes sales there is this time of year.


Here’s wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving and Holiday Season!


Knowledge is Power!

Jeffrey C. Hogue

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