Great Real Estate Photos Can Keep Your Home Sold

Great Real Estate Photos Can Keep Your Home Sold
Posted By Jeffrey Hogue @ Dec 11th 2020 10:30am In: Real Estate

We have all become very aware of how great real estate photos help when marketing a home for sale. Those same photos can also help keep a home sale moving in the right direction.

The internet has certainly changed the way Realtors® market homes. The internet has had a tremendous impact on real estate photography. It was not that long ago when a home buyer came to a real estate office to comb through questionable black and white home photos in an MLS book looking for one that they desire to tour. Today that same home buyer can get on their computer or mobile device and see many color photos of homes from almost every angle.


I have often compared selling a home in the internet age to online dating. The idea is to display the candidate using appealing photos, put together remarks that best describe the candidate, and list some highlights. The effort is to gain attention to get a date, followed by engagement and if all goes well - marriage.


With a home (the candidate) we offer appealing photos, offer remarks, and highlights. If we gain attention, we get a showing (date) followed by an agreement to purchase (engagement) and a closing (marriage). Obviously, with a home, we add a sale price and sometimes inspections are performed. Use your imagination here.


Like marriage, buying a home is a huge decision for most. It is normal for someone to second guess a decision of this magnitude. In real estate, there is a process known as sighting that may help with post-purchase indecision, otherwise known as cold feet.


The more a home buyer visits the property they are going to buy, the more familiar they become with it and thus more comfortable. Previewing real estate photos online is a form of sighting without physically visiting the home, and this is where great real estate photos shine.


An example is a follows, after a buyer’s offer is accepted, they may start the process of ordering any inspections they chose and formalizing their mortgage application. During this sometimes wearing process, they may wonder if they are doing the right thing. They find themselves back on their computer or cell phone revisiting the website displaying the home. Great accurate photos can help them get through the moment.


I have enjoyed many experiences where a home buyer thanked me for the photos I took of the property they were purchasing. They are quick to tell me of the exact experience I outlined. Doubt about the acquisition crept into their mind, and they were once again awed by the home through the real estate photos.


Much of today’s real estate photography is done using a technique known as high dynamic range or bracketing. HDR photography can be touchy and can give photos a ghostly or oil painting look, distort colors, and textures. When taking real estate photos, I use a technique known as strobe flash photography. This method helps in making the home look similar to what it is in real life.


My goal is to make the real estate photos look as close to the real thing as possible. Visit my website at to preview my photographic work.


Remember, when it comes to great real estate photography and sales the EYES have it!


Knowledge is Power!

Jeffrey C. Hogue

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