Emotions can Influence Home Sales

Emotions can Influence Home Sales
Posted By Jeffrey Hogue @ Jul 11th 2021 5:15pm In: Real Estate

Emotions may have more of an influence on home sales than you think. Here is my story of how emotions can influence home sales...

Recently I received a call to list a home from a lady who asked me to meet with her to discuss, what she hoped would be, the sale of her home. Nothing out of the ordinary simply a business call to do what I love, home sales.


Upon arriving at the home I met the lady who made that call. She was charming, smart, a seasoned traveler and more. In my humble opinion, she was, and is, class, personified. She had an influence on me almost immediately. She told me stories and things about herself, both good and bad. When the tale was good I cheered inside, when it was bad I wanted to make it better. I wanted nothing but good things for her.


We talked about her home, about what she paid for it and what she did to make it special. As she showed me around a sense of proudness followed her every step. We then went outside to see the landscaping and talked about her time spent in the flower beds and backyard. We went back inside to warm up and talk business.


She asked me what I thought her home was worth. I shuffled around a bit and slightly altered the conversation. You see, I had done my homework (no pun intended) before arriving at the home. The value was nowhere near what she paid for the prized property. She might get upset if I don’t say it is worth more than all my experience and understanding tells me. There has been enough of that in her life. What should I do?


In case you are wondering this is not a love story. It is an everyday example of being a caring human being in the real estate business. Realtor’s® want to give good news to those we meet. Making people miserable is not our prime directive. Unfortunately, the Berks County real estate market has not been chipper for some time now. This means that good news is harder to come by.


I was about to share my information regarding her home when she stopped me and told another story. It was about the last real estate agent she listed with. “The home was excessively overpriced and did not sell,” she said. This made her sad and cost her valuable dollars in the process. Egad, she had seduced another professional with her charm and charisma and they succumbed to failure!


I knew what to tell her, the truth. She was not happy but not surprised. Her unhappiness was quickly turned by the conscious reality that her home would sell and the burden lifted. We have grown closer and I am proud to call her a friend.


Many a real estate agent, including myself, can get overwhelmed with happiness when meeting with a customer for the first time. The thrill of someone choosing me to help them make one of the biggest decisions of their life is euphoric. It can only be explained by being in that position. I want to be a superhero to them, a protector of their value, a friend. I have discovered that the only way I can be all those things is to be knowledgeable and truthful.


I understand home buyers and sellers hire real estate agents and expect honesty. They need to be careful of what they wish for. Unfortunately, the truth may not be what someone wants to hear. This is when equanimity needs to be displayed by the Realtor®


At the end of 2014, almost 250 homes expired. No, they did not die, they simply did not sell for the asking price during the period they were listed. I have spoken with many homeowners who have been unable to sell their property. Some tell me “the agent told me to list it at this price” or “the marketing was bad”, etc… I think that they were just too charming and unwittingly seduced the agent into telling them what they wanted to hear.


When a home does not sell what can be lost is more precious than money, time! Where trust and truth are needed they were replaced with kindness. Kindness for the wrong reason can do great harm.


Knowledge is power!

Jeffrey C. Hogue

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