60 Minutes You Will Not Regret

60 Minutes You Will Not Regret
Posted By Jeffrey Hogue @ Jun 13th 2019 10:30am In: Real Estate

We have all made decisions or had experiences we regret. Some of the circumstances of these decisions are small and insignificant. Others may have a more significant impact on your life and the lives of those you care about. Buying or selling a home is one of those decisions you want to get right.

There are several decisions I have made during my time here on earth, (half of them as a real estate agent), that I would rethink if given the opportunity. I guess there would be no such thing as regret if that were possible. Thankfully, I may have learned more from the bad decisions than the good ones like not to do that thing I regretted again.


One thing I do not regret is becoming a REALTOR® and serving the people of Reading, PA, and Berks County. I take the practice of real estate very seriously. Every year there are changes within the industry. It's a job keeping up with the latest contract changes, county and municipal ordinances, mortgage programs, and the newest craze in home inspection hot issues.

In addition to keeping up with all the real estate industry and technology changes, I have to keep an eye on the economics of the housing market. If you have been reading my articles here for the past seven years, you likely know I do plenty of research. Writing these articles and being on WEEU with Mike Faust keeps me on my toes. Each week I take a hard look at home sales and inventory numbers and report my findings. After years of doing market research, I have become very efficient at assessing the value of homes in our local region. After all, most people who call me about selling or buying want to know what the home is worth. In many cases, I have the answer and the strategy to get us there.


Real estate dealings are not a small issue for most people. In many cases buying or selling a home may be one of the most significant financial decisions people make. Where you live influences many facets of your life that stretch far beyond the walls of a home. These types of decisions should not be left to chance and often require real estate agents who are seasoned and educated in many different real estate oriented disciplines. The home market is challenging. The last challenge you want is to hire an agent who will leave you with regret.


If you have ever listed your home for sale with an agent that required you sign a 6-month listing agreement, sold you a home selling plan and did not deliver, you may have experienced one of those feelings we discussed at the beginning of this article, regret. The same is true for Berks County home buyers. Unfortunately, as a home buyer, you do not know you made a regrettable decision until after you are well into the home purchase.


If you are giving serious thought to buying or selling a Berks County home, give me just 60 minutes of your time. Interview one, two, or ten agents, but be sure to make me one of them. I guarantee I can tell you things about the real estate market in the Reading, PA, Berks County area you will be unlikely to hear anywhere else. Things like innovations in technology that will expose your home to more buyers, potential issues related to listing and sales contracts before they happen, and much more.


I hope more Berks County customers read these articles and listen to me on WEEU. My goal is to provide helpful advice. Realtors® are no longer the gatekeepers of home information. The internet has let that genie fly long ago. Today, Realtors® are more advisors, negotiators, and transaction facilitators than salespeople. I believe I can fill that role as well as, or better than anyone in the Berks County real estate industry.


Ask my over 2,000 home buyers and sellers here in Berks and the surrounding county. Give me just 60 minutes of your time. You will not regret it!


Knowledge is Power!

Jeffrey C. Hogue

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